2D IRPM for group detection

Social interactions by visual focus of attention in a three-dimensional environment
L. Bazzani, D. Tosato, M. Cristani, M. Farenzena, G. Pagetti, G. Menegaz, and V. Murino
Expert Systems 2013
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Analyzing groups: a social signaling perspective
L. Bazzani, M. Cristani, G. Paggetti, D. Tosato, G. Menegaz, and V. Murino.
Video Analytics for Business Intelligence, 2012.
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In human behavior analysis, the Visual Focus Of Attention (VFOA) of a person is a very important cue. VFOA detection is difficult, though, especially in a unconstrained and crowded environment, typical of video surveillance scenarios. We estimate the VFOA by defining the Subjective View Frustum, which approximates the visual field of a person in a 2D (ground floor) representation of the scene. This opens up to several intriguing behavioral investigations. In particular, we propose the Inter-Relation Pattern Matrix, that suggests possible social interactions between the people.

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